Mission, Vision and Values

Mission statement

Our mission is to create unique experiences and opportunities for our members in an atmosphere of camaraderie and belonging that entertains and enlightens.

Core Values among our members and staff

  • Respect: We treat others as they expect to be treated. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and accountability.
  • Integrity: We do the right thing. We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics.
  • Decorum: We behave in a dignified propriety of conduct, manners, and appearance. We conform to the social practices of a polite and collegial club culture.
  • Equality: We believe that diversity will enrich our Club. We recognize the benefits to members of collaboration and exchange among people of different cultures, ethnicities, ages and genders.
  • Authenticity: We commit to staying true to who we are, what we do, and who we serve. We take time to listen and understand those involved with our Club, from our members through to employees, peers and suppliers.
  • Uniqueness: We celebrate the ways in which we are different from other clubs, restaurants and event facilities. We understand that these differences are not only our most sought-after qualities but also the foundation for the success of our Club.