Membership Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rideau Club member.

Please note that Membership to the Rideau Club is by nomination. A brief guide to the membership process, according to our Bylaws and traditions, can be found below.


Send an email to our membership team at, who will be in touch directly to answer any questions you might have. A complimentary club tour is available if desired.


After an initial meeting with Ted Wagstaff (Membership Development Director), qualified prospective members will be provided with a link to the appropriate application form. The application will collect relevant information, detail the approval process, and suggest a submission deadline according to the next scheduled board meeting.


Membership to the Rideau Club is by nomination. A Member candidate requires a Nominator and Seconder who must be shareholding members in good standing of the Rideau Club, to support their application.

Persons new to the Ottawa area or who do not know the required two Members may contact or Ted Wagstaff,, for assistance.

Please note: There is a Special Transfer Fee in Lieu of Entrance Fee for a new (regular) Member or a Member (Under 40), who has been nominated as a Transfer from an affiliated Club in which the nominee is a member in good standing at the time of nomination.

Once a completed application is received, the membership team will review the submission and contact the existing members (proposer and seconder) endorsing the nomination.

Applications are then forwarded to the General Manager (GM) and submitted for approval at the next Executive Committee meeting.


Following the Executive Committee review and approval, the full list of nominees will be forwarded to all current shareholder members for deliberation for a minimum of 7 days. Nominations will then be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

At this time prospective members will be notified of the status of the application and may be granted use of the club with special permission.


If no challenges to membership are received, prospective members are deemed active and able to enjoy the privileges of membership. A welcome package, including an invitation to the next New Member’s event, and key communications will follow within 14 days.

New members will be asked to provide and/or return the following within 30 days of receiving the RC Welcome package.

  • Professional headshot (soft copy)
  • Brief biography (500 words or less)
  • Signature specimen (card is provided)
  • One copy of the issued common share, if applicable
  • Completed member interest survey

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact