Parking is available in the 99 Bank Street complex. Access is by Queen Street. Members wishing to charge their parking to their Rideau Club account are reminded to clearly write their name and Member number on the voucher. Parking is also available at the World Exchange Plaza however, members will be required to pay by cash or credit card.

  • Daily Max | $20.00
  • Under 30 minutes | $4.00
  • Under 60 minutes | $8.00
  • Under 90 minutes | $12.00
  • Under 120 minutes | $16.00
  • Parking for Rideau Club members after 5:00 pm | free
  • Guest parking after 6:00 pm | $10

Members and guests are required to conform to the approved standards of attire at all times. For greater certainty, the following guidelines shall be respected:


(*Under normal circumstances, it is required to dress in Business Attire in the Main Dining Room)

  • a. For men: NO TIES REQUIRED smart, casual tailored trousers or pants (including denim); shirts with collars and sleeves; turtleneck sweaters; jacket.
  • b. For women: smart, casual tailored trouser or pants (including denim); skirts; collared shirts; collarless blouses and sleeveless summer dresses.

More formal business attire is always appropriate and encouraged in the Club.

Please note, when attending a private event, the dress requirement is Casual Business Attire unless specified otherwise by the host


  • Shorts, track or yoga pants, faded, worn and/or torn trousers/pants, cargo pants
  • Crop or tank top, t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, fleece jacket or pullover, outerwear
  • Apparel with slogans or commercial messages, wrinkled or unwashed clothing, visible undergarments (i.e. underwear, bras)
  • Canvas or nylon sneakers/athletic shoes, work boots, winter boots, open toe shoes for men, casual sandals (i.e. flip flops) for women
  • Combat or tactical uniform
  • Hats/caps

The Club offers the option to guests to pay their own charges by credit card (both Mastercard and Visa are accepted). Guests who are members of an affiliated Canadian Club may sign back to their own Club account.

For more information please contact: Andy Lee, 613-233-7787, genman@rideauclub.ca

Membership to the Rideau Club is by nomination. To learn about the membership process please click here.

For further information, please contact our Membership Development Manager: Ted Wagstaff, 613-233-7787, wagstafft@rideauclub.ca

*Please note: reciprocal clubs may not accept affiliated Members due to Covid-19.

Under normal circumstances, membership with the Rideau Club provides you with reciprocal membership privileges and access to the facilities of more than 160 of the finest clubs in over 40 cities by requesting a Letter of Introduction that would be sent (from us) to them.

Stay tuned for more information about when you will be able to experience some of the finest services and amenities the world has to offer.

If you have any comments about an affiliated Club you visited or would you like to suggest a club affiliation opportunity, please send your comments to genman@rideauclub.ca

For a list of all our affiliated Clubs, please click here.

Rideau Club members planning to use the facilities of reciprocal Clubs must request a Letter of Introduction be sent to the receiving club in advance of your arrival. Members are encouraged to make themselves familiar with House Rules governing guest privileges at the reciprocal Club you will be visiting.

*Please note: reciprocal clubs may not accept affiliated members due to Covid-19.

For further information, please contact: Samantha Perry, 613-233-7787, communications@rideauclub.ca

Each Club shall provide its own member with a Letter of Introduction. Upon presentation of the Letter of Introduction and a valid piece of identification, the Rideau Club will issue a Guest Card valid for two weeks. The Guest Card may be renewed once a year, for two weeks, upon request of the Member and approval of the Club.

No visiting Member may request more than four Introductions to the Rideau Club in any calendar year.

For further information, please contact: Samantha Perry, 613-233-7787, communications@rideauclub.ca

As a spousal Member of the Rideau Club you enjoy many of the same privileges as a shareholder at no added cost.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Club. Please request the Wi-Fi credentials at the Front Desk.